Welcome to the LOCUS© and CALOCUS© Demonstration Website

This site is a fully functional demonstration version of the LOCUS and CALOCUS web-based Service Manager Software. This demonstration site works in the same manner as a private access LOCUS or CALOCUS database. However, as this site is for demonstration purposes only, do not enter actual patient data into this system; all test users share access to this website. See the legal notices below for additional information.

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LOCUS P.A.S.© Level of Care Utilization System for Psychiatric and Addiction Services and C&A LOCUS© Child and Adolescent Level of Care Utilization System are trademarks of Deerfield Behavioral Health, Inc.

This website incorporates the Level of Care Utilization System© and/or the Child and Adolescent Level of Care Utilization System© and contains information proprietary to the American Association of Community Psychiatrists and any use, publication, transmission, transcription or reproduction without the express written consent of the A.A.C.P. is prohibited. Deerfield Behavioral Health, Inc. acknowledges this website has been developed utilizing the LOCUS© and/or CALOCUS© instruments with the cooperation and permission of the American Association of Community Psychiatrists.

WARNING: This website utility is for demonstration purposes only. Health care providers should not utilize actual patient data nor protected health information as the database in this demonstration software will maintain availability to others accessing the utility. Further, the utilization of identifiable health information with non-business associates may constitute a violation of state and/or federal regulations.